What is WISE?

Women In Safety Engineering (WISE) has been established to foster the advancement of women in the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) profession through the objectives contained in our mission statement:

  • Fostering an environment that allows members to share ideas
  • Ongoing evaluation of the state of women in the SH&E profession
  • Mentoring women in the SH&E profession
  • Networking to strengthen professional relationships
  • Obtaining professional certifications
  • Promoting the development and peer review of written material related to issues specific to women in the workplace as well as within the SH&E profession

To learn more about the National WISE organization:

To learn more about the Hawaii WISE Chapter, please contact:

Zoe Williams zwilliams@hawaiigas.com (594-5637)
Lucia Indelicato lindelicato@nordicpcl.com (436-6687)

Upcoming Events



Past Events

WISE Guys and Gals at the Region 1 ROC
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Left to right (back):  Jim Newberry (Hawaii), Traci Snyder (Lower Columbia Basin), Paula Jones (Columbia Willamette), Jennifer Harris (Greater San Jose), Kristi Hayden (Cascade), Joaquin Diaz (Hawaii), Tami Galt (San Francisco), Jose Perez (Bakersfield)

Left to right (front):  Christy Foster (Great San Jose), Corinna Kuplewiser (Columbia Willamette), Marie Aldover (Hawaii), Joey Garza (Hawaii), Zoe Williams (Hawaii)

WISE Pau Hana – Friday (1/20/2017)  The Social Room, at the Symphony Honolulu

WISE Hawaii Chapter Development Luncheon

On Wednesday (7/27) the WISE Hawaii Chapter group hosted a professional development luncheon.  Our guest speaker was Ed Williams with 1st Safety Services (http://www.1stsafetyservices.com/)  Our topic was “Pro-Active Safety Management – don’t learn safety by accident – learn the tools and methods used by safety professionals to have a successful, effective, and safety jobsite”.   Attendees were:  Michelle Sakamoto (Paul’s Electrical), Zoe Williams & Alinna Figueroa (Hawaii Gas), Alexis Pangilinan & Sani Buckley (Hawaiian Dredging), Debbie Miyahana (Ultimate Innovations), Jim Newberry (Island Insurance), Steve Kalani (Commercial Roofing), and Marie Aldover (Oahu Transit Services). A special thanks goes out to Lyn Tampon with Goodfellow Bros., Inc. for organizing the event.

Key takeaways were:

  • Myths about OSHA/HIOSH requirements – a good number of insights identified that most folks think are true, but are not, reinforcing the importance of reading the regulations yourself!
  • Read & know, look ahead (be proactive!)  As safety professionals we have a responsibility to help safe production occur, every day.  Our role supports the success of our business.
  • A Safety Program has three parts:
    • Procedures – Safety & Health Manual, JHA / AHA, etc.
    • Training
    • Self-Audit / Inspection

3rd Annual Personal Development Retreat June 25, 2016

During the ASSE Personal Development Retreat, WISE Hawaii received recognition for efforts in the first year as an official chapter.

WISE Hawaii Chapter Development Luncheon

Twenty women gathered in September to hear two veteran Hawaii Safety Professionals speak at our first development luncheon as a chapter.  The topic was ““Delivering Safety Recommendations While Maintaining Credibility”.  Our guest speakers shared their thoughts and experience on the subject and then opened up it for questions and rich dialogue.   Connections were made, business cards were exchanged, and expertise was shared.  A valuable experience for all who attended!

Our guest speakers:  Mary Browne (standing – 34 years as a safety professional, currently with Nordic PCL) and Mary Sullivan (sitting – 10 years in safety, currently with Delta Construction).

WISE Pau Hana – Friday (7/24)  Nico’s at Pier 38

Pictured (left to right):  Aubrey Pabon (USAF), Jim Newberry (Island Insurance), Zoe Williams (Hawaii Gas), Barb Yee (Kiewit), Joey Shibata (Hawaiian Cement), Tracy Revilla (Hawaiian Electric), and Cathy McCurnin (Armstrong Builders).